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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Core Skills and Management and Leadership Skills Programmes?
The Core Skills programme is aimed at existing national staff in any discipline or support function who have not been on other humanitarian training programmes, it lasts for 6 months. The Management and Leadership Skills Programme is aimed at middle ranking to senior staff from all programme areas and lasts for nine months.

What is the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework?
These are the agreed behavioural skills that 15 leading humanitarian NGO’s would like to see in their staff; Context supports the development of these skills.

Is it best to run Context as an individual agency, or with others?
Both formats have been tried and work well. Feedback from the pilots point to greater impact if a full inter-agency programme is run.

Our agency has limited budget for training and we want value for money, does Context provide this?
Context programmes are designed with future sustainability – and limited budgets - in mind; however, it is recommended to avoid further cost-cutting that might influence good results.

How flexible are programme components?
Agencies can choose to run the programme as a whole or in selected parts. Components are mutually reinforcing however so you need to be sure you are not losing intended benefits.

I am worried that my work will be affected by the coursework and participation in workshops.
Being on a Context programme will support you in your day to day work and help you see things from a new perspective. Don’t see this as ‘leaving’ your work to participate, but rather ‘bringing’ your work to learn.

Can we just download the materials and use them as they are?
Context materials are not designed to be ‘pick up and go’; they need preparation and at least one experienced facilitator with humanitarian experience to lead the course

We want to download materials as we go along, is this possible?
Yes. Each session is available as an individual ‘Word’ file so you can change the order or layout of the text if you wish. We recommend that the full content is downloaded and saved locally at the start.

How do we ensure that participants are staying ‘on board’ with their learning over the 6 or 9 months?
Invest in a dynamic colleague who can keep in frequent contact to ensure participants remain enthusiastic and engaged over the course of the programme.

What if my line manager doesn’t want me to ‘take time off’ to participate?
Your participation in Context will ultimately benefit your line manager Their involvement is crucial to your professional development, and your participation will help them in their capacity building efforts.