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The Management and Leadership
Skills Development Programme

‘As soon as I returned from the first workshop, I was asked to become the Emergency Manager, and in that role there have been a number of tools I immediately used.’ (a Context participant)

The Management and Leadership Skills Development Programme

This nine-month programme aims to build humanitarian leadership effectiveness and performance through learning and applying skills and techniques and judging how best to manage resources, systems and practices for effective humanitarian action. Throughout the nine months, there is a constant theme of reflection and feedback.

Target participants are existing national staff in key team leader or management positions from all programme areas or disciplines. Candidates will be middle ranking to senior staff, likely to manage an aspect of a small-to-medium scale emergency response.

Programme focus is geared towards the second tier and the sixth column of the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework which place particular emphasis on management responsibilities and leadership.

On successful completion of the course, participants will demonstrate:

  • Knowledge and skills to implement an effective humanitarian response
  • Evidence of strong working relationships across agencies
  • Ability to communicate effectively under pressure
  • Deeper self-awareness of leadership strengths and style, to increase positive impact in a humanitarian situation
  • A clear plan for personal ongoing learning and development.